Art workshops

Perth Metro - exact location tba on Facebook (PERTH PLEIN AIR PAINTERS) page         Sept 7         PERTH PLEIN AIR PAINTERS           contact
Invitation extended to members of "Perth Plein Air Painters" (group on Facebook)
Juiz de Fora -Praoa Menelick de Carvalho, Mirante do Morro do Imperador                    Sept 8 - 9                                                               contact Koula Lanmou
Perube - Perube-SP                                                                                       
Piracicaba- Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz-USP                             Sept 9                Caipiras do Plein Air                    contact  Joao Benatti                  
Rio de Janeiro  - Prainha da Marina da Gloria                                                        Sept 9                Rio de Janeiro Plein Air Painters   contact  Sandra Nunes                                                                
Tiradentes - Minas Gerais -                                                                                  Sept 7                                                            contact


Alberta - Mountain View County-  contact for location                                           all days       Mountain View Plein Air Painters                contact                                  
BC- Barriere - Bandshell, Fadear Park, Barriere Town Road                                   Sept 8 - 9                  local artists group                       contact Margaret Houben
BC - Sproat Lake, Harbour Quay                                                                         Sept 7 - 8   6th annual Alberni Valley Paint Out             contact Draw Gallery 
BC - Van Anda - Erickson Beach                                                                         Sept 8       Texada Arts Culture & Tourism                    contact Kathleen Scott
​Ontario - Kingston - Williamsville                                                                         all days              Kingston School of Art                        contact Kingston School of Art

Bahamas -        
St. Lucia, W I - Castries                                                                                   Sept 8           The Lucian Plein Air Painters                   contact
Trinidad & Tobago- T & T did a video challenge on the internet                           Sept 9


Brittany - Plestin-les-Grèves and Toul an héry, 22310                                              Sept 7         group                                                    contact
Giverny, Normandy -                                                                                      
Lavacourt-Friday; Giverny-Saturday, Auvers sur Oise-Sunday                          all days         Art Colony Giverny and Lori McNee         contact


​Munich - Bavaria  -                                                                 


​Haifa - Fields                                                                                                    


Florence/Tuscany - Pontassieve and sorroundings                                                 all days   ​          Colori del Levante Fiorentino      contact
Venice - 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NEW ZEALAND     

Canterbury -                                         

                                                                                                                    UNITED STATES

Alabama - 
Arizona - 
California-Berkeley Aquatic Park; University Campus; Ashby BART station area             all days               group                                          contact  Tatiana Secu
Colorado -                  
Florida - Gainesville - Kanapaha Gardens Archet Rd                                           all days                  group                                         contact
Florida - 
Florida-  Sarasota  Bayfront Park     9-12                                                           Sept 7 - 8              Linda Richichi                               contact Linda Richichi                        To the left of Marina Jacks by the Tiki Hut (5 Bayfront Dr Sarasota, FL 34236) . We will meet at the beach that looks at the Tiki Hut closer to the parking lot on the left of entrance.
Florida - 
Georgia - Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association                                             all days   Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association         contact
The Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association has their Fall Plein Air event to coincide with the World Wide Paintout. They have been doing this for many years. All levels of artists are invited as it is as much a teaching about plein air as it is a competition also.
Georgia -
​Hawaii - 
Illinois - 
Indiana - 
Maine - 
Montana -  
New Hampshire- Marlborough 
New Hampshire - Lake Massabessic                                                             
New Jersey - Forked River - Enos Pond Park, 330 East Lacey RD                    Sept 9                                               group             contact  
New Jersey - contact for location                                                                  all days    New Jersey Plein Air Painters                    contact

New York- Niagara Falls -Terrapin Point Fri. it's on Goat Island & overlooks Horseshoe Falls   Sept 7  Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters contact
New York - Paul Smith's College VIC                                                                Sept 7    VIC Paint Out                                    contact 
North Carolina -  Nags Head                                                                        all days   contact to join                                          contact
​Whalebone Junction/Manteo Causeway- Highway 12,
Pennsylvania - Annie Strack studio                                                                all days                                                                        contact Annie Strack
 Meet 10 am daily at my studio, and go from there! 105 Kabob Lane, Kennett Square, PA. Restrooms, water, & parking lot at this location.
Pennysylvania -
South Carolina - Greenwood and/or Newberry                                                  all days            I'd love to welcome others to join me!      contact Shelley Grund         
Texas - Boerne- Agriculture Museum                                                            Sept 8  The Raconteurs - Outdoor Painters En Plein Air   contact
Texas - San Antonio-Riverwalk                                                                     Sept 7 & 9  South Texas Plein Air                                  contact
Virginia -
Wisconsin - 
Wyoming - 

Join in - Have some fun - Support your group !

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                                                                       WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2004 was Dedicated to the celebration of the life of
                                        Lawrence C. Goldsmith, AWS (Centennial exhibit Monhegan Museum 2016)
                                                                                                         Artist, Author Mentor, Friend

IPAP Members Registered

Chadwick, Phil                                    Ontario
Drakiotes, Alicia                                  NH
Glass, Rosemary                                 New Jersey
Grund Shelley                                      South Carolina
Srack Annie                                        Pennsylvania
Nolley, Alcina                                   St.Lucia, West Indies
Nunes, Sandra                                     Rio de Janeiro
Savage, Marsha Hamby                      Georgia
Schifano Kath                                     Niagara Falls, NY
Richichi, Linda                                    Sarasota, Florida

IPAP Paint Out Registration was last updated on: 1/3/2019
16th Great  W O R L D W I D E  Artist Paint Out 
 International Plein Air Painters Organization 17 th Anniversary
September 7 - 8 - 9 , 2018
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17th  Great W O R L D W I D E Paint Out
September 6 - 7 - 8, 2019
Be sure your state or country is represented!!!! 
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Aboushakra Suzanne                         Toronto, Canada
Art Colony Giverny                              France
Benetti, Joao                                      Brasil
Colori del Levante Fiorentino                 Italy
DERENNE D.J.                                 Brittany, France
Draw Gallery                                       Alberni Valley
Edie,Karen Rose                                 Michigan
Fearns, Erin                                       North Carolina
Lanmau, Koula                                    Brasil
Houben Margaret                                 Barriere, BC Canada
Kanapatha Gardens                             Gainesville
Kingston School of Art                         Williamsville
Mountain View Painters                       AB Canada
NJPAP                                               New Jersey
Paulo Santana                                    Brasil
Scott, Kathleen                                   Van Anda, BC
Secu, Tatiana                                      Berkley, California
South Texas Plein Air                          San Antonio Texas
The Raconteurs - Outdoor Painters En Plein Air - Texas
VIC Plein Air                                      New York