Art workshops


Mandurah  -  Mandjar Square, Ormsby Terrace Mandurah                                   Sept 10 -11                     Mandurah Plein Air Artists Inc      

​In Mandurah, we use the month of September to raise awareness of plein air painting. We facilitate the Plein Air Down Under Outdoor Painting Festival from 24-26 September, and have an exhibition from 10 Sept to 9 October. We coincide the exhibition opening with the Worldwide Paint Out for maximum impact.

Port Lincoln - Yallunda Flat showgrounds and local farm                                      Sept 11                        Port Lincoln Art Group             


Baden bei Wien - Vineyards or downtown                                                              9-10-11                                                       


​Alagoas - Macei - Marco dos Corais                                                                     Sept 10          Plein Air Painters Alagoas          
Perube -   Sao Paulo                                                                                            Sept 10               group                                                            
Rio de Janeiro  -                                                                                                 Sept 11     Rio de Janeiro Plein Air Painters            
Sete Barras /                              
Tiradentes -                                                                 


Alberta - Leighton Art Centre                                                                         
BC -Sproat Lake & Harbour Quay                                                                    Sept 10 - 11           Annual Alberni Valley Paint Out                          BC- Barriere 
BC -Campbell River - Willow Point, Sybil Andrew's Cottage                                 Sept 10-11         Campbell River Plein Air Painters    
BC - Nanaimo - Neck Point                                                                               Sept 10                                                           
​Ontario Kingston - Rotary Park                                                                        Sept 10               group                                               
Ontario - Kleinburg 
Ontario - Queenston -  Queenston Heights                                                            Sept 9                                                                                                          


Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain                                                            

Brittany - Callac  RDV tentative at the ruins of the chapel at Botmel at 13h30           Sept 9           group                                                
Charente - Verteuil sur Charente  -                                                                         Sept 9          group                                         


Florence -  Pelago                                                                                             Sept 10                    Colori del levante fiorentino
​We will paint in Pelago, a village near Florence where Lorenzo Ghiberti, famous artist, was born in 1378.
The village and the sorroundings are called Terre del Ghiberti. In Pelago is in construction a museum dedicated to the artist and to his wonderful Gates of Paradise. 
Wish to Meet you in Pelago  

Venice -                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                       NEW ZEALAND

Auckland - Panmure Boat Club Friday, 9am                                                          all days                Auckland Plein Air Painters    


Port of Spain - Fort George and Queens Park West                                              Sept 9 - 10                           group                      

                                                                                                                     UNITED KINGDOM

Cheshire -    

                                                                                                                     UNITED STATES

Alabama - 
Alaska - Fairbanks -Rosehip Campground Chena River State Recreation area         Sept 10                Fairbanks Watercolor Society           
Arizona - 
California - Folsom                                                                                          All days                                                       
Connecticut - Wilton - Weir Farm National Historic Site                        note :     Sept 7-8  New England Watercolor Society & CT Plein Air Painters      
Colorado - Estes Park                                                                                     Sept 9 - 10                                                            
Florida- Sarasota                                                                                              Sept 9                                                              
Main Street and Palm Ave intersection by Epicure Restaurant downtown Sarasota at 9am - 11:30am. 

Georgia - around Blue Ridge and Toccoa River                                                   Sept 9-11  Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association
​Hawaii - 
Idaho - 
Illinois -
Indiana - 
Maine - 
Montana -  
New Hampshire - Lake Massabessic, Manchester/Auburn                                  all days            NHPleinAir Artists               
3 different locations on the lake, Friday at Main parking lot on the West side on Rte 28 Bypass, 
Saturday at the OLD Boat Launch area on on the north side on Rte 121 
Sunday on the East side at Veteran's Memorial in AUBURN.

New Jersey - Forked River                                                                                all days                             group                           
9 Thropp Rd, Forked River, exit 74 GSP, head east on Lacey Road, after crossing Rt 9 make left on Thropp Rd

New York - Cooperstown - 1527 CR-31                                                              Sept. 9      Leatherstocking Brush & Palette Club
New York - Cooperstown - Glimmerglass State Park                                           Sept 9       Leatherstocking Brush & Palette Club
New York - Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls State Park                                            Sept 9 - 10   Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters 
                                                                                                                                         AND Niagara Painters                    
New York  - Richfield Springs - US Highway 20                                                   Sept 11    Leatherstocking Brush & Palette Club 
New York - Springfield Center - 3608 US Highway 20, Richfield Springs                 Sept 11    Leatherstocking Brush & Palette Club
New York - NYC - Not sure yet! - Washington Square Park? Open to suggestions        Sept 10-11                                                                            
North Carolina - 
Oregon -
Pennsylvania - Kennett Square -  Kabob Lane                                                    Sept 9 - 11                                                                             
Anyone is welcome to join me. Location has gardens, meadows, horse pasture   and creek. 

South Carolina -       
Texas -  Venus, Seguin and/or New Braunfels                                                        All days                                                     
Virginia -
Washington - Spokane                                                                                        Sept 10                                                      
Wisconsin - 
Wyoming - 

Join in - Have some fun - Support your group !

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Our History in Plein Air...

The time has come to start painting PLEIN AIR again. In the beginning of the International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Paint Out, small groups formed throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, Italy and islands in the Caribbean.
PLEIN AIR PAINTING was not new, it was simply coming into focus again.
Outdoor painters were now becoming known as Plein Air Painters.
In the forming stages of International Plein Air Painters organization , there really was not much of an internet. A plein air group was started on Yahoo groups and we still have some of our Charter Members from 2001.

For many years we held a PAINT OUT in Niagara Falls which was hosted Internationally by Niagara Falls New York and Niagara Falls, Canada. Artists travelled from many States and Provinces to participate at one of the most amazing Wonders, the great Falls at Niagara that borders two countries, or as the Mayor of Niagara Falls, New York stated 'one great city with a river running through it '.

Through the years International Plein Air Painters has accumulated a lot of history, with local groups being formed in the first few years in many countries.

Before email, we received news clippings, CD photos and thank you notes from artists all over the world who 'found' other artists painting outdoors and started their own groups.

International Plein Air Painters and the Worldwide Paint Out at Niagara Falls was featured in one of the first issues of the original Plein Air Magazine thanks to Eric Rhoads, Publisher

All these wonderful interactions are archived at IPAP.

International Plein Air Painters has always had, as its purpose to unite artists who have a love of painting outdoors from life without the regional restrictions of borders.

In 2023 International Plein Air Painters celebrates its 22nd Anniversary !!

We still host the annual WORLDWIDE Paint Out with free registration and probably the most affordable membership dues of just $25.00 US yearly, which has never increased, with that we promote our Members and do administration/ bookkeeping fees. So, while we're not officially a non profit, we promote International Plein Air Painters for the love of and support of plein air painting.

If you would like to become a Member and support International Plein Air Painters organization 
or register for the 21st Annual Great WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2023, just visit us at or send an email to

You can also help by sharing our group with other plein air painters...
Thank You

Registration is now OPEN for the
21 st annual September WORLDWIDE PAINT OUT 2023.
#ipapgreatworldwidepaintout2032 #pleinair #pleinairpainting #pleinairpainter #art #enpleinair #internationalpleinairpainters

                                                                       WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2004 was Dedicated to the celebration of the life of
                                                                  Lawrence C. Goldsmith, AWS ( Centennial exhibit Monhegan Museum 2016 )
                                                                                                         Artist, Author Mentor, Friend

IPAP Paint Out Registration was last updated on: 12/27/2022
20th Great  W O R L D W I D E  Artist Paint Out 
 International Plein Air Painters Organization 21 st Anniversary
September 9 - 10 - 11 , 2022
PLEASE POST YOUR PHOTOS of your group on the FACEBOOK page  !!!!!!!!!
Countries Alphabetically with Groups - Here
Emails are for contact in joining that particular location
 Click here to  Download Membership Application
21st  Great W O R L D W I D E Paint Out
September 8 - 9 - 10 , 2023
Be sure your state or country is represented!!!! 
Click HERE for Press Release               Click to REGISTER HERE
NON Members Registered

International Plein Air Painters
Est. 10/19/01
International Plein Air Painters Artists Organization WORLDWIDE   Est. 10/19/01
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PleinAir™ Magazine, featured the
 International Plein Air Painters 
WORLDWIDE Paint Out in 2004 

links to PleinAir™ Magazine Article
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Pg 5

Sharon Allen                               New Hampshire
J.R. Baldini                                  Queenston, Ontario
Phil Chadwick                              Rideau, Canada
Diane Dubreuil                            Connecticut
Brandy Gale                               California
Rosemary Glass                          New Jersey
Maggie Hernandez                      Texas
Gayle Madeira                             NYC
Sandra Nunes                              Brazil
Linda Richichi                              Florida
Marsha Hamby Savage                Georgia
Kath Schifano                              New York
Annie Strack                                Pennsylvania
Rich Williams                               Nanaimo, BC

Anne Alshire                                     Alaska
Annual Alberni Valley Paint Out          Canada
Kourosh ARIA                                   Austria
Lori Bernardo                                     California
Amanda Brett                                    New Zealand
L.farley Coates                                  N. Carolina
Colori del levante fiorentino                  Italy
Edith Dayton                                    Springfield, NY
D.J. Dereene                                    Brittany, France
Heather Dumas                                Tacoma, Washington
Bob Jose                                          Charente, France
Kay Keyes Farrar                               Colorado
Elizabeth Hammond                           Port Lincoln, Australia
Gail Kelly                                            Highlands, New Jersey
Leatherstocking Brush & Palette Club  Cooperstown, NY
Leighton Art Centre                            Canada
Mandurah Plein Air Artists Inc.             Australia
Marieanne Coursen                            Cooperstown, NY
Peter Shepperd                                  Trinidad and Tobago
 Plein Air Painters Alagoas                   Brazil
Julie Poulin                                          Ottawa, Ontario          
Carole Johansen Westerman              Springfield Center, NY
Margaret Woodrow                             Richfield Springs, NY
James Strauss                                  Henrico, Virginia