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Mandurah  - Western Australia - Mandurah foreshore                                          Sept 6 & 8                                                  contact

Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula -                                                                 

Tasmania -

WA -                                                                                                                                         
Northern Territory -                                                             


Baden bei Wien - 


​Alagoas -
Perube -   Sao Paulo                                                                                                    
Rio de Janeiro  -                                                                                                                 
Sete Barras /                              
Tiradentes -                                                                 


Alberta -                                                                                                                                           
BC- Barriere - 

BC -Campbell River    

BC - Port Alberni - 

​Ontario -                               


St. Lucia - Castries                                                                                          


Callac, Brittany - 

Charente - 


​Firenze  - 
Florence -                                                                                        

Venice -                                                                                                              

Madona Municipality - 
Saulkrasti - 

         NEW ZEALAND

Auckland - 

                                                                                                                          UNITED KINGDOM

Cheshire -    

                                                                                                                            UNITED STATES

Alabama - 
Alaska - 
Arizona - 
California - 
Connecticut - 
Connecticut -                                                   
Colorado -                                                                                       
Florida - 
Florida - 
Florida -  

Georgia - 
​Hawaii -   
Idaho - 
Illinois -
Indiana - 
Maine - 
Maryland - 
Montana - 
Nevada - 
New Hampshire - 
New Jersey -  
New York -    
New York - 
New York - 
North Carolina - 
Oregon -
Pennsylvania - 
South Carolina -       
Texas -  
Virginia -
Washington - 
West Virginia - 
Wisconsin - 
Wyoming - 

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Our History in Plein Air...

The time has come to start painting PLEIN AIR again. In the beginning of the International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Paint Out, small groups formed throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, Italy and islands in the Caribbean.
PLEIN AIR PAINTING was not new, it was simply coming into focus again.
Outdoor painters were now becoming known as Plein Air Painters.
In the forming stages of International Plein Air Painters organization , there really was not much of an internet. A plein air group was started on Yahoo groups and we still have some of our Charter Members from 2001.

For many years we held a PAINT OUT in Niagara Falls which was hosted Internationally by Niagara Falls New York and Niagara Falls, Canada. Artists travelled from many States and Provinces to participate at one of the most amazing Wonders, the great Falls at Niagara that borders two countries, or as the Mayor of Niagara Falls, New York stated 'one great city with a river running through it '.

Through the years International Plein Air Painters has accumulated a lot of history, with local groups being formed in the first few years in many countries.

Before email, we received news clippings, CD photos and thank you notes from artists all over the world who 'found' other artists painting outdoors and started their own groups.

International Plein Air Painters and the Worldwide Paint Out at Niagara Falls was featured in one of the first issues of the original Plein Air Magazine thanks to Eric Rhoads, Publisher

All these wonderful interactions are archived at IPAP.

International Plein Air Painters has always had, as its purpose to unite artists who have a love of painting outdoors from life without the regional restrictions of borders.

In 2024 International Plein Air Painters celebrates its 23rd Anniversary !!

We still host the annual WORLDWIDE Paint Out with free registration and probably the most affordable membership dues of just $25.00 US yearly, which has never increased, with that we promote our Members and do administration/ bookkeeping fees. So, while we're not officially a non profit, we promote International Plein Air Painters for the love of and support of plein air painting.

If you would like to become a Member and support International Plein Air Painters organization 
or register for the 22nd Annual Great WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2024, just visit us at or send an email to

You can also help by sharing our group with other plein air painters...
Thank You

Registration is now OPEN for the
22nd annual September WORLDWIDE PAINT OUT 2024
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                                                                       WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2004 was Dedicated to the celebration of the life of
                                                                  Lawrence C. Goldsmith, AWS ( Centennial exhibit Monhegan Museum 2016 )
                                                                                                         Artist, Author Mentor, Friend

IPAP Paint Out Registration was last updated on: 4/11/2024
22nd Great  W O R L D W I D E  Artist Paint Out 
 International Plein Air Painters Organization 23rd Anniversary
September 6 - 7 - 8 , 2024
PLEASE POST YOUR PHOTOS of your group on the FACEBOOK page  !!!!!!!!!
Countries Alphabetically with Groups - Here
Emails are for contact in joining that particular location
 Click here to  Download Membership Application
23rd  Great W O R L D W I D E Paint Out
September 5 -6 -7 , 2025
Be sure your state or country is represented!!!! 
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International Plein Air Painters Artists Organization WORLDWIDE   Est. 10/19/01


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PleinAir™ Magazine, featured the
 International Plein Air Painters 
WORLDWIDE Paint Out in 2004 

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