Minas Gerais/ Juiz de Fora-                            
Piracicaba- Rua do Porto - Casar do Turismo                                                      all days      Caipiras do Plein Air                      contact    
Perube-  Peruibe -SP                                                                      
Rio de Janeiro  -Urca                                                                                         Sept 11 Rio de Janeiro Plein Air Painters         contact
Tiradentes - Minas Gerais - Largo das Forras                                                       Sept 10                                                         contact     


Alberta -  Banff                                                                                                   all days       Plein Air Painters of Alberta           contact
BC- Barriere -  Fadear Park, Barriere Town Road                                                  10 & 11            group painting                           contact :
BC -Gibsons Landing - Gibsons Landing Heritage Wharf                                      10 & 11         Sunshine Coast BC Plein Air        contact 
BC - Texada Island -                   
BC - Port Alberni - Sproat Lake & Harbour Quay                                                  Sept 11   4th Annual Alberni Valley Paint Out     contact
BCQuadra Island 
BC - 
​Ontario - Kingston - Portsmouth Village                                                                all days         Kingston School of Art                   contact
Ontario -  


Bahamas -        
St. Lucia, W I - 
Trinidad & Tobago-

Brittany - 


Wiesbaden, Hessen - 



​Haifa - Fields                                                                                                       all days                                                     contact


Tuscany - Firenze - Pontassieve                                                                           all days        Colori del Levante Fiorentino      contact 
Tuscany - 
Venice - 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NEW ZEALAND     

Canterbury -                                         

                                                                                                                    UNITED STATES

Alabama -  
California - Monterey Bay Area                                                                       Sept 9-10                                                          contact
Colorado -
Florida - Lake Worth                                                                                       all days        Lake Worth Art League                   contact
Georgia - Blue Ridge.- Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Assoc. (The Art Center)          all days  Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association  contact 
Georgia -                                                                                                                                                                           
Hawaii - 
Illinois - 
Indiana - 
Maine - 
Montana - 
New Hampshire- Marlborough - Howe Reservoir Rt 101 Dublin                           Sept 10 - 11                                                        contact
New Hampshire - 
New Jersey -
New Mexico
NewYork - 
New York -     
North Carolina - 
Pennsylvania - 
Pennysylvania -
South Carolina - Greenwood - Uptown Greenwood                                            all days      join group location                             contact                     
Texas - South Padre Island                                                                               all days                                                             contact
Virginia - Historic Orchard Museum Sept. 9;Saunders House , Sept 10                                Appalachian Artists Association          contact
Wisconsin - 
Wyoming - 

Join in - Have some fun - Support your group !

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                                        Lawrence C. Goldsmith, AWS (Centennial exhibit Monhegan Museum 2016)
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14 th Great  W O R L D W I D E  Artist Paint Out 
 International Plein Air Painters Organization 15 th Anniversary
September 9 - 10 - 11, 2016​
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15th  Great W O R L D W I D E Paint Out
September 8 - 9 - 10 , 2017
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Joa Benatti                            Brasil
Colori del Levante Fiorentino    Tuscany, Italy
Draw Gallery                          Port Alberni, BC
Cindy Gillespie                       Virginia
Margaret Houben                    Barriere, BC Plein Air 
Annamaris Hunt                      Florida
Painters of Alberta                  Banff, Calgary/Alberta
Jan Poynter                           Gibsons, BC
Jessica Vaiselberg                  Israel
Rose Valverde                        Brasil

Alicia Drakiotes                       New Hampshire
Brandy Gale                            Monterey, CA
Shelly Grund                           Greenwood, SC
Marsha Hamby Savage             Blue Ridge, GA
Sandra Nunes                          Brasil
Susan Parody                          Ontario, CA
Kath Schifano                         Grand Island, NY
Marilyn Witt                             Indiana