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J.R. Baldini holds the degree of Master of Photography, earned for the excellence of prints in International competitions and educational achievements, from the Professional Photographers of America and the Craftsman degree earned by publishing articles, teaching and presenting educational programs to other professionals.

She is Executive Director and Founder of International Plein Air Painters.
She organized the first International WORLDWIDE 'paint out' for Plein Air Painters Globally in September 2002. 
IPAP is a blanket organization for International Plein Air Painting groups.

Professional Present and Past Organizations

I P A P Signature Member, Executive Director and Founder
P P A Master, Craftsman awarded Lifetime Membership
ASP Degree member 
Landscape Painters International
World Tour of 30 Contemporary Landscape Painters
Stanley Art Gallery Co-op
Utica Art Assn.

Gallery Representation 

Niagara Fine Arts Gallery, Niagara Falls Ontario
The Paint Pot, Ephraim, WI


American Artist magazine article April 2008
The Artists Sketchbook by The Artists Magazine Article
Fuji Masterpiece III Portfolio Cover Image
PPA Storytellers International Magazine
Infoto Professional Photo Magazine
Women in Photography
Professional Agent Magazine
Photo Imaging for Canadians
PPA Loan Collection Book
PPA General Collection Book
A S P Quarterly
Lexus Magazine in the UK, article ( Feb 2003)
The Artists Magazine ( March 2003)
Caribbean Travel Planner Magazine (April 2003)
Monhegan Anthology (June 2003) Book
"Working Waterfront" article, The Island Institute  (June 2003)
American Artist Magazine IPAP "WORLDWIDE Paint Out" March 2004
The Wall Street Journal on line
Plein Air Magazine premier issue,article, June 2004
Esquire Magazine  June 2004
Plein Air Magazine December 2004 WORLDWIDE Paint Out Article
Country Living Magazine, June 2005
Fine Art Connoisseur  magazine  January 2006
Fine Art Connoisseur  magazine February 2006
Rising Women magazine, Cover image and article

Selected Group Exhibitions

Estes Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Terrace Gallery, Florida
Queenston Library Thanksgiving Show, Queenston, Ontario
Door County Invitational, Wisconsin
St. Augustine Gallery, St. Augustine, Florida
Karpeles Museum, Newburgh, New York
Willowbank, Queenston, Ontario
Pumphouse Gallery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
Riverbrink Art Museum, Queenston, Ontario
Seamans Church Institute, NYC
Associated Artists of Syracuse, Fayette, NY
Munson Williams Proctor Institute Museum, Utica, NY
Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art, Utica, NY
Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, Vermont
Plantation Gallery, Monhegan Island, Maine
Everson Museum of Art,Syracuse, NY
SUNY at Marcy, NY
Christina's, Seneca Falls, NY
Central Adirondack Art Center, Old Forge, NY
Yellow Door Gallery, Utica, NY
Cabbages & Kings, Clinton, NY
Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY
John Turchin Art Gallery, Banner Elk, NC
Tu Tu Tango Gallery, Niagara Falls, Ontario
International Plein Air Painters 2nd - 5th WORLDWIDE Paint Out Exhibit

Studies and Workshops

Lawrence C. Goldsmith, AWS - Monhegan Island, Maine
Munson William Proctor Institute School of Art
Edward Christiana - Munson William Proctor Institute School of Art
Easton Pribble- Munson William Proctor Institute School of Art
Skip Whitcomb - Weekend with the Masters
Frank Serrano  Weekend with the Masters
Kevin MacPherson  Weekend with the Masters
Scott Christiansen  Weekend with the Masters
4 Viewpoints - Philip Pearlstein- 
Ralph Goings - Munson William Proctor Institute School of Art
Fred Mitchell - Munson William Proctor Institute School of Art
Robert Cimbalo - Munson William Proctor Institute School of Art
Full time Graphics Program Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art
Guido Corriero -     HCCC
Don Blair        -       PPA
Frank Cricchio -      PPA
Jack Holowitz  -        PPA
Trish Perrin  -          PPA
Joyce Wilson  -        PPA
Don Emmerich -       PPA
Carmen Schettino  - PPA
Nancy Holowitz,        PPA
Millie Toutuchek  -    PPA


Inductee into 2010 Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Fuji Masterpiece Portfolio III Cover
ASP Traveling Loan
A S  P Regional Medallion Award                        
P P A International Loan Collection                 
NY State Fuji Masterpiece Award             
320 print case award NYS Convention
Judges Choice Award NYS Convention               
Distinguished Award NYS               
Buffalo-Niagara TEP- Best of Show
Bank of Utica Purchase Award
Associate Artists of Syracuse
Alexander Rouseneau Purchase Award
PPA International Loan Collection, New Orleans
NYS Court of Honor
PPA International Loan Collection, Orlando
2 Fuji Masterpiece Awards, New York
320 pin NYS
3 NYS Courts of Honor
Buffalo-Niagara TEP - Best of Show
International Plein Air Painters WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2004 "Judges Choice Award"


The artist has conducted workshops for the PPA School in Atlanta
Central Adirondack Art Center in Old Forge, NY, 
Monhegan Island, Maine
Anna Maria & Sarasota, Florida
St, Lucia, West Indies, 
Greece (new one coming up in September 2019) details HERE
Niagara.Falls, Ontario
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Baldini is a past program speaker for the PPA International Convention in new Orleans
Workshop instructor in the Caribbean.
She is the founder of International International Plein Air Painters WORLDWIDE organization
Founder of the annual Great  WORLDWIDE Paint Out 
Executive Director of International Plein Air Painters organization

J. R., a native New Yorker, living and working in Niagara Falls, Canada has paintings in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe in both private and public collections.
Baldini's paintings are part of the World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists, exhibiting in various museums and galleries worldwide.

The artist also conducted workshops on the island of St. Lucia. As well as  Monhegan Island, painting there since 1974.

Website  Workshops 

Art News and workshop updates below
J.R. BALDINI Artist Signature Member

Artist Statement
Plein Air Painting is a metaphysical skill capable of creating an image that lets the viewer 'Be there in the moment' when viewing the painting.
I' ve discarded the comfort of the studio and painting from photographs, in order to be involved with all five senses, getting the essence of a scene down on the canvas, creating from nature, the best of all teachers, with the truest of all colors... 
 Painting from Life.

I have spent the last 30+ years with one simple focus - attempting to capture the fleeting light as it defines a shape, creates a mood or connects to the familiar, and pass that 'never to be again' moment onto to you, the viewer. Some efforts are monumental in subject matter because of the very nature of the subject but, most are everyday 'moments'.
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International Plein Air Painters Worldwide organization - 
Changing the world one brushstroke at a time...  
Est. 10/19/01
J.R. Baldini, Plein Air painter, Signature Member
J. R. Baldini
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International Plein Air Painters Artists Organization WORLDWIDE   Est. 10/19/01
BALDINI J R _ Lobster Cove, Monhegan _ 22x28 Oil on canvas __  painted on a perfect day on Monhegan Island below the Wyeth House. Quiet deliciousness all day and amazing subject..I put the focal point on the distant rocks and kept the foreground more abstract.
BALDINI J R _ Island Shipwreck __ 12x12 _ Oil on Canvas. I've spent years painting this island and with this one, I attempted to simplify the design that held the weight of the tug.
BALDINI J R _ "Fog", 16 x 20 __ Oil on board _ Lobster buoys that Lobstermen use to mark their traps. In summer, when this was painted, buoys are part of the landscape  there's no trapping. I loved the light illuminating the scene, almost ethereal.You can almost hear the stillness and the gull calls
BALDINI J R _  Early Morning - 20x24 _Oil on board the day starts before sun up on an island. I wanted to show the morning light and the solitary feeling of getting a days work done before the rest of the world is awake. Glazing was used in pastel areas.
BALDINI J R _  Lobster Cove in Fog _ 8 x 16 _ Oil impasto on panel _ I remember the days I paint. Early morning on the island comes in with rolling fog . Painting below on the rocks gave me a higher horizon and a simpler composition. Heavy sculptural pigment applied  with a painting knife.
BALDINI J R _  The Red House made famous from the painting by Jamie Wyeth. 8 x 8 on canvas. Painted in early morning with a haze   cloaking the adjoining island.. I could hear the quiet lapping of the water below on the rocks. __SOLD
BALDINI J R _ Monhegan Morning _ 8 x 8 _ Oil on canvas _ The light was the strongest part of the composition. The sounds of piano music coming from the tiny church made for a typical island morning. Warm tones, strong directional lighting .
BALDINI J R _ Ca d Zan, (House of John) Sarasota, Florida. 8 x 8 __Oil on canvas. Morning cool shadows are a large part of this composition and walk you right through the painting to the focal point. One of my favorite and repeatedly painted subjects. I teach a workshop there in March.
BALDINI J R _  Up River__8 x 8 Oil on canvas . Niagara quality of light is so much fun to paint. This spot was originally the location of Niagara Falls and has moved down river to the current location. This distant view is cloaked in beautiful blues and the painting is about color and contrast.
BALDINI J R _  Riverbend _ 8 x 8 _ Oil on panel. Autumn in Niagara is interesting, not just for the colors but, because some of the foliage is already gone and the views change dramatically.  Warm with cool accents. SOLD
BALDINI J R _  Nagara  November_ 8 x 8 Oil on canvas. I have painted Niagara hundreds of times and never get bored. The mist, the plume, the dancing rainbows make for the most interesting color combos and shapes. Niagara workshops May  through September.
BALDINI J R _  St. Lucia, West Indies _  8 x 8 _ Oil on canvas. Quiet morning with the distant sounds of fishermen and locals chatting as they set up their wares for the day. This piece is warm colors with cool accents.