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James D. Southerland, M.F.A., IPAP, AP

"No art experience equals the challenge and joy of painting en plein air - alla prima; 
to record the impression of a time and place while painting on location.
Thousands of values, textures, and colors are seen by the human eye.
Plein air paintings express them within a limited palette and an economy of brush work.
Artistic style is dependent on the ability to observe, interpret, and respond through an honest, 
perhaps undeniable, individual connection to the formal elements and principles of visual art.
In the best of plein air painting, the artist's intuitive formalism and objective perception merge, 
creating works of art which are legitimate, vital, and original, sustained not by formula, 
or system, but in the process of painting and the passion for it."
Jim Southerland painting
Jim Southerland painting
Jim Southerland,IPAP
Jim Southerland painting
Jim Southerland, IPAP artist
Jim Southerland, IPAP artist
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